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  • 2017-741

    Expiration date: 5/31/2020

    SPONSOR: Swallow Tail, LLC PROJECT LOCATION: The location of the proposed mitigation bank site two is on the Platte River floodplain adjacent to the Community of Agency in Sections 20, 21, and 29, Township 56 North, Range 34 West, Buchanan County, Missouri. ACTIVITY: Establishment of the second mitigation bank under the approved Nishnabotna/Platte EDU Umbrella Mitigation Banking Instrument. The Sponsor proposes to restore wetlands and to enhance existing wetlands on the bank property. The Sponsor also proposes to restore riparian forest habitat along the Platte River, along Pigeon Creek, and along the perennial tributary and the intermittent tributary.

  • 2008-943

    Expiration date: 5/13/2020

    APPLICANT: Block Real Estate Services, LLC PROJECT LOCATION: The project is located within a single ephemeral tributary, adjacent to W 175th Street and S Hedge Lane, Section 21, Township 14 south, Range 23 east, city of Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas. ACTIVITY: The applicant is proposing to place fill material within waters of the United States for the construction of an approximate 230-acre mixed-use commercial development.

  • 2011-1397

    Expiration date: 5/4/2020

    APPLICANT: Menard, Inc. PROJECT LOCATION: The proposed project is in Derby, Kansas along an unnamed tributary to the Arkansas River and adjacent wetlands. The site is bordered on the east by N. Buckner Street and on the north by E. 63rd Street N. The project is within the NW ¼ of Section 36, Township 28 south, Range 1 east, Sedgwick County, Kansas. ACTIVITY: The applicant proposes to place fill material within waters of the United States for the construction of a commercial retail development to include the building, parking lot, driveways, and associated infrastructure.

  • 2020-253

    Expiration date: 4/17/2020

    APPLICANT: Missouri Department of Transportation PROJECT LOCATION: The project is located in wetlands within the Missouri River floodplain, in Section 12, Township 52 north, Range 36 west, Platte County, Missouri. ACTIVITY: The proposed work involves the placement of fill materials within waters of the U.S. for the construction of a traffic roundabout at the intersection of Missouri Route 92 and Missouri Route 45 spur.

  • Missouri River Commercial Dredging Permit Reissuance

    Expiration date: 5/2/2020

    This public notice concerns the proposed reissuance of commercial dredging permits on the Lower Missouri River. APPLICANTS: Capital Sand Company, Inc. (NWK-2011-00361), Hermann Sand & Gravel, Inc. (NWK-2011-00362), Holliday Sand & Gravel Company (NWK-2011-00363), Con-Agg of Missouri, LLC. (NWK-2011-00364), Limited Leasing Company (MVS-2011-00177), J.T.R., Inc. (MVS-2011-00178). PROJECT LOCATION: The Dredgers have proposed renewing permits for commercial sand and gravel dredging within five predefined segments of the Lower Missouri River between St. Louis, Missouri and Rulo, Nebraska (approximate River Miles 0 to 498). PROPOSED DREDGING ACTIVITIES: The Dredgers have requested renewal of their Department of the Army authorizations to dredge sand and gravel for commercial purposes from the Missouri River in the states of Kansas and Missouri.