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Shoreline Management

The purpose of the Shoreline Management Plan is to establish policy; provide guidance for the management and protection of the shoreline; establish and maintain acceptable fish and wildlife habitats; maintain aesthetic quality and natural environment conditions; promote the safe, healthful use of the shoreline for recreational purposes; and achieve a balance between permitted private use and resource protection for general public use.

 Factors used in formulating the Shoreline Management Plan included:

  • Accommodating the increasing demand for water oriented recreational facilities while limiting the amount of shoreline designated for that purpose.
  • Efficiency in administration of all components of the Shoreline Management Plan.
  • Limiting the proliferation of individually owned private boat docks by providing for the expansion of marina boat storage through satellite concession operations. Community docks may also be a viable alternative in those instances or at those locations where satellite concession docks are not practical.
  • The ownership of property adjoining Pomme de Terre Project land does not convey any special rights or privileges to use government property.
  • The Shoreline Management Plan should not create an undue hardship on individual or private industries dependent upon private recreation facilities.
  • Private floating facilities should be designed, constructed, and maintained so that they are structurally sound and do not pose a threat to the recreating public, project resources, or esthetics.
  • Vegetative modification of project land should be closely controlled to limit infringement upon natural resources and wildlife habitat management programs.

Shoreline Management at a Glance

Pomme de Terre Lake
Pathway permit that leads towards the lake. These permits are available by contacting the Pomme de Terre Project Office.