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Pocatello Bombing Range No. 3

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Pocatello Bombing Range No. 3 History

Pocatello Bombing Range No. 3 is located approximately 25 miles northwest of City of Blackfoot, in Bingham County, Idaho.The range was built and used as a demolition and incendiary bombing range by the Pocatello Army Air Base.  The site was also known as the Pocatello Precision Bombing Range No. 3 and the Pocatello Demolition and Incendiary Bombing Range.  The Commanding General of the Second Air Force requested the construction of the range on April 21, 1943, and the boundaries were submitted to the Interdepartmental Air Traffic Control Board on April 24, 1943.  The range may have been in use as early as October 7, 1943, until as late as May 1, 1947.  Department of Defense usage of the site was officially revoked by Public Land Order 969, dated June 4, 1954.  Records indicate that the current property owners of the site are the Bureau of Land Management.



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Pocatello Bombing Range No. 3


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