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Become a Virtual Park Ranger at Tuttle Creek!

Discover the wonders of Tuttle Creek with a self-guided experiences.  QR codes are posted on signs at stations around the lake. Use a barcode scanner on your smart phone to read the QR codes.  Virtual rangers will provide information at each station.   

The self-guided experience will change with each season to offer a new experience to highlight what is happening around the lake.– Check back in the Spring for a new experience.   


Staring January 2nd 2021– Bald Eagles at Tuttle Creek

Visit our five viewing stations around the lake and learn about this majestic bird and their amazing journey back from the brink of extinction and the challenges they face today.

Before you start your adventure lets take a few quick moments to talk about eagle viewing etiquette.

Keep your distance– Use binoculars or scopes– keep the noise level down– don’t disrupt birds 

Warning: Harassing, disturbing or injuring a bald eagle is a federal offense and carries a penalty of up to $10,000 and/or one year in jail. Remember that bald eagles should remain undisturbed, and it is important that they conserve energy during the winter months.


       Station 1 - Welcome (Outlet Park near shelter one)



Station 2- What's for dinner?- Diet (Outlet Park near Cottonwood shelter)



Station 3- Where are the eagles? Spotting (Observation Point)



Station 4- Where shall we raise the kids?- Nesting (Tuttle Creek State Park, permit required)



Station 5- What was that noise?- Calls (Tuttle Creek State Park, permit required)