Become a Virtual Park Ranger at Tuttle Creek!

Discover the wonders of Tuttle Creek with a self-guided experiences.  QR codes are posted on signs at stations around the lake. Use a barcode scanner on your smart phone to read the QR codes.  Virtual rangers will provide information at each station.   

The self-guided experience will change with each season to offer a new experience to highlight what is happening around the lake.– Check back in the Spring for a new experience.   





       Station 1 - Welcome (Outlet Park near shelter one)



Station 2- What's for dinner?- Diet (Outlet Park near Cottonwood shelter)



Station 3- Where are the eagles? Spotting (Observation Point)



Station 4- Where shall we raise the kids?- Nesting (Tuttle Creek State Park, permit required)



Station 5- What was that noise?- Calls (Tuttle Creek State Park, permit required)