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  • NWK-2024-114

    Expiration date: 5/17/2024

    APPLICANT: Marshall County PROJECT LOCATION: The project is located on Spring Creek in Section 2, Township 1 South, Range 7 East, Marshall County, Kansas. ACTIVITY: Replacement of a 16-foot steel truss bridge with a 50-foot span bridge. Considerations for the new structure involve inadequate roadway and load capacity.

  • NWK-2018-1280 (GP-43)

    Expiration date: 4/15/2024

    STATE OF KANSAS - PROPOSED REISSUANCE OF REGIONAL GENERAL PERMIT 43 MAINTENANCE OF MAN-MADE LAKES AND PONDS PROJECT LOCATION: All Counties in Kansas - Man-made lakes and ponds in the State of Kansas (including Indian Country within Kansas boundaries), excluding those areas identified as Outstanding National Resource Waters pursuant to the Kansas Surface Water Register dated February 18, 2021. ACTIVITY:  This Regional General Permit authorizes activities designed to improve water quality, improve fish and wildlife habitat, and extend the lifespan of man-made lakes and ponds. This permit authorizes the removal and discharge of lakebed/pond sediment in conjunction with mechanical dredging, hydraulic dredging and excavation activities. The regional general permit would be re-issued for a period of 5 years.

  • NWK-2019-153

    Expiration date: 3/27/2024

    MITIGATION BANK SPONSOR: Ducks Unlimited, Inc. PROJECT LOCATION: The location of the proposed Smoky Hill Mitigation Bank is in portions of Section 11 and in Section 12, Township 13 South, Range 41 West, Wallace County, Kansas. ACTIVITY: The proposed mitigation bank involves construction and vegetative management activities within a 217-acre tract of land to restore (through rehabilitation and re-establishment) a 125-acre depressional basin which currently contains 10-acre of playa wetland.

  • NWK-2023-762 - Update

    Expiration date: 2/20/2024

    NOTE: The Public Notice posted on January 9, 2023 has been updated to reflect corrected proposed impact quantities, and to clarify Section 7 ESA information. The Public Notice is accordingly held open for comment until February 20, 2024. APPLICANT: Opus Development Group, LLC PROJECT LOCATION: The project site is located on approximately 58 acres of agricultural fields, wooded riparian areas, and undeveloped uplands with four unnamed tributaries to Second Creek, and four adjacent wetlands. The project site is located northeast of the intersection of North Congress Avenue and Northwest 108th Street in Kansas City, Missouri. The project location is within Section 25, Township 52 North, Range 34 West, Platte County, Missouri. ACTIVITY: The applicant proposes to permanently discharge fill into 1,560 linear feet (0.10 acres) of four tributaries to Second Creek, and 1.37 acres within four wetlands (waters of the United States) for the construction of the Congress Avenue Industrial Development.

  • MoDOT 214 Agreement

    Expiration date: 2/5/2024

    DECISION TO ACCEPT FUNDS FROM MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION AND MISSOURI HIGHWAY TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION TO EXPEDITE PERMIT APPLICATION REVIEW - This Special Public Notice announces the decision of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City and St. Louis Districts to accept and expend funds from the Missouri Department of Transportation and Missouri Highway Transportation Commission to expedite processing of their Department of the Army permit applications. This decision follows a previous public noticed issued by the Kansas City District on January 4, 2024, that solicited public comment on the aforementioned funding arrangement.