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  • NWK-2021-127 (Revised)

    Expiration date: 8/11/2021

    Public Notice No. NWK-2021-00127 originally dated February 10, 2021 was revised. A revised public notice dated July 21, 2021 was issued. Public Notice Revision: In response to comments received as part of the February 2021 Public Notice, the applicant investigated another area that contained two logjams. Therefore, the applicant proposes to incorporate these additional work areas (WA1A and WA1B) into their overall plan. APPLICANT: Missouri State Parks PROJECT LOCATION: Within Locust Creek and wetlands adjacent to Locust Creek within the boundaries of Pershing State Park in Sections 2, 3, and 11, Township 57 north, Range 21 west, Linn County, Missouri. ACTIVITY: The proposed project involves removal of large woody debris from Locust Creek and restoration of Locust Creek ecosystem within Pershing State Park.

  • NWK-2021-495

    Expiration date: 7/29/2021

    APPLICANT: Missouri Department of Conservation PROJECT LOCATION: Within the Gasconade River in Section 24, Township 37 north, Range 10 west, Phelps County, Missouri. ACTIVITY: The Missouri Department of Conservation is proposing to relocate the existing Jerome Access on the Gasconade River (located approximately 0.5-mile downstream from Jerome, Missouri) to approximately one mile upstream near the confluence of the Gasconade and Little Piney Rivers.

  • NWK-2021-302

    Expiration date: 7/27/2021

    APPLICANT: Clayton Properties Group, Inc. dba Summit Homes PROJECT LOCATION: The project site is located in a wetland adjacent to a series of jurisdictional ponds that intermittently discharge to West Fork Sni-A-Bar Creek, within eastern Jackson County, Blue Springs, Missouri. The site is immediately east of Highway 7, south of Southwest Chipman Farms Drive, and north of Mason School Road. The project location is within Section 19, Township 48 North, Range 30 West, Jackson County, Missouri. ACTIVITY: The applicant proposes to place fill material within waters of the United States for the construction of a single-family residential development on approximately 25 acres of agricultural land surrounded by similar residential development.

  • GP-38M (2010-01764)

    STATE OF MISSOURI - Re-issuance of Regional General Permit No. 38M (GP-38M) for Shoreline Development Activities at the Lake of the Ozarks. PROJECT LOCATION: Within the Lake of the Ozarks, lakeward of the ordinary high water mark elevation 658.5 feet Union Electric datum; in Benton, Camden, Miller, and Morgan Counties, Missouri. Work in adjacent wetlands and in tributaries of the Lake, landward/upstream of elevation 658.5 feet UED, is not authorized by this GP. ACTIVITY: GP-38M authorizes various shoreline development activities including excavation, dredging, construction and fill activities, structures, bank stabilization, and additional work as stated in the GP-38M permit document.

  • NWK-2009-1520 SSTF-1020 Polk County

    Expiration date: 7/25/2021

    IN-LIEU FEE SPONSOR: Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation PROJECT LOCATION:  Mitigation Plan SSTF-1020-Polk County is located within Asher Creek on 560th Road in Section 9, Township 31 north, Range 23 west, Polk County, Missouri. ACTIVITY: This notice announces a proposed amendment to the Stream Stewardship Trust Fund In-Lieu Fee Instrument. The amendment is for the acceptance of mitigation plan SSTF-1020-Polk County, which describes removing an existing concrete low-water crossing within Asher Creek, and replacing it with a bottomless arch low-water crossing.