US Army Corps of Engineers
Kansas City District

Public Notices

  • 2019-401

    Expiration date: 6/12/2019

    APPLICANT: Blue Shawnee, LLC PROJECT LOCATION: The project site is located within the city of Shawnee, Kansas, west of 7 Highway and north of W 43rd Street. The project location is within Sections 32 and 33, Township 11 south, Range 23 east, Johnson County, Kansas. ACTIVITY: The applicant proposes to place fill material within waters of the United States for the construction of four industrial warehouse facilities on approximately 110 acres of undeveloped land.

  • 2017-1238

    Expiration date: 6/10/2019

    APPLICANT: Clayton Properties Group, Inc., dba Summit Homes PROJECT LOCATION: The project site is located north of the city of Spring Hill within Section 36, Township 14 south, Range 23 east, Johnson County, Kansas. The site contains waters of the U.S. that flow into Wolf Creek and the Blue River. ACTIVITY: The proposed work would involve the placement of fill materials within 4.20 acres of wetland, 129 linear feet of an ephemeral tributary system, and a 0.11 acre pond.

  • Special Public Notice - Finalization of the Missouri Bat Programmatic Informal Consultation Framework

    The purpose of this public notice is to announce the Kansas City, Little Rock, St. Louis, Rock Island, and Memphis Districts of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service have completed programmatic informal consultation for all activities requiring Department of the Army permits. This consultation, which covers activities in waters of the United States within the state of Missouri, complies with the provisions of Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Completion of this consultation eliminates the need for individual ESA consultation on most permit applications submitted to the Corps for activities located in habitat for bats protected under the ESA. The completion of this consultation will improve the permit evaluation process by reducing the time required for evaluation of many permit applications while assuring compliance with the requirements of the ESA.

  • NWK-0-2211

    Expiration date: 5/23/2019

    NOTICE OF PROPOSED PERMIT MODIFICATION-- APPLICANT: City of Topeka, Kansas PROJECT LOCATION: In and adjacent to the Kansas River, Mile 87.0, Section 26, Township 11 South, Range 15 East, Shawnee County, in the City of Topeka, Kansas. ACTIVITY: The primary modification would relocate the boat and fish passage structure through the north bank around the weir as opposed to the original design location through the weir within the north channel. In addition, an existing rock jetty would be breached to a minimum 40-foot width to establish an opening for boaters.

  • 2018-1343

    Expiration date: 5/8/2019

    APPLICANT: USD 385 - Andover School District PROJECT LOCATION: The proposed project location is south of East Central Avenue, east of Shay Road, and north of East Douglas Avenue within the city of Andover in the N½ of Section 20, Township 27 South, Range 3 East, Butler County, Kansas. ACTIVITY: Andover School District (USD 385) proposes to construct new athletic facilities for Andover Central High School and Middle School that will include a football stadium, tennis complex, track and field improvements, practice fields for multiple athletic teams, concession area, parking improvements, and access drives.