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Boardman Air Force Range

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Boardman Air Force Range

The former Boardman Air Force Range was used primarily as a practice bombing and gunnery range. According to the Archives Search Report beginning in 1941 and continuing through 1943, the U.S. Army Air Corps acquired 95,985.51 acres through purchase of private land transfer of Department of Interior land for a practice bombing and gunnery range. Throughout the World War II years, it was used for bombing practice by the Walla Walla Army Air Base. After World War II, the Army Corps categorized the bombing range as surplus land and by 1946 discussion was held concerning authorizing livestock grazing on the inactive range. However, in 1948, the lands were withdrawn from the surplus and the Air Force used the range until 1960. Renamed the Boardman Precision Bombing Range, the range was configured with five targets and exclusion areas.




Boardman Air Force Range

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