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Military Missions

Military Missions provide premier engineering, construction, real estate, stability operations, and environmental management products and services for the Army, Air Force, other assigned U.S. Government agencies and foreign governments. Our workforce is spread across the country and in more than 91 foreign countries, providing reimbursable engineering expertise throughout the world. The programs we execute in one-year can total over $20 billion and employs 11,100 professionals. We are the world’s premiere public engineering organization, responding to our nation’s needs in peace and war for the past 236 years. We will continue this tradition within the Corps as One Team, BUILDING STRONG, proudly serving the Armed Forces and the Nation’s engineering challenges.

Military Programs has four core missions:

  1. Strategic Integration (Base Realignment and Closure)
  2. Gulf Region Integration & Security Assistance
  3. Military Construction
  4. Stability and Reconstruction Operations

Major missions include:

  • Military Construction (Army, Air Force and other DOD Agencies)
  • Environment (Formerly Used Defense Sites Program, munitions response, cleanup, and environmental quality support to Army active and BRAC installations)
  • Real Estate (ARSTAF mission, DOD Executive Agent, and provision of world-wide real estate services)
  • International and Interagency Services (EPA, DHS, DOS, 90+ Countries)
  • Contingency Support - USACE lead for GWOT and Reconstruction infrastructure work
  • Installation Support (181 Army, 71 Air Force