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Welcome to Harlan County Lake

Buy it where you burn it.
Buy It Where You Burn It
Moving Firewood Transports TreeKilling Insects & Diseases. Remember to acquire your firewood locally near the campground or use certified pest free firewood.
Located in South Central Nebraska, lands surrounding Harlan County Lake are primarily classified as mixed grass prairie land. Harlan County Lake grasslands are made up of Big and Little Bluestem, Indian grass, western wheatgrass, buffalo grass, blue gramma and switch grass. 
Native grasses are managed by controlled burning and hay production. These practices attempt to prevent envasion by introduced species, enhance prairie community health, and increase wildlife habitat value. 

Harlan County Lake’s woodlands are restricted to locations providing sufficient moisture. A band of mature woodlands may be found along the Republican River and throughout the deeper drainages leading into the lake. Wood cutting permits are utilized to manage the woodland community. This practice assists with maintaining age and species diversity.

 The most effective tool for enhancing wildlife populations and habitat at Harlan County Lake is the Agricultural Lease Program. Under this program several thousand acres of public lands are leased to farmers for the purpose of crop and hay production. Conditions of these lease agreements require the operator to incorporate specific wildlife management practices into their operation. These requirements often include specific crop rotations, food plots, and native grass and tree/shrub establishment
Natural Resource Management
Natural Resource management efforts at Harlan County Lake focus on maintaining and enhancing natural ecosystems. Click on the Natural Resources link in the "Here at Harlan County" section below.
Stay Safe this Labor Day Weekend
Water Safety Works!
A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers park ranger at Rathbun Lake applies temporary tattoos to children who were “caught” wearing their life jackets. The tattoos carried a safety message reminding children to wear their life jackets when in or near the water. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers photo.

Outdoor Recreation

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The Corps of Engineers at Harlan County Lake is now accepting applications for the Volunteer Season.  Please call 308-799-2105 for more details.  For information on Volunteering for the Corps across the U.S. visit the Corps Volunteer Website

Hunter Cove & Methodist Cove 1-May thru 30-Sep

Gremlin Cove, North & South Outlet, East Gremlin

Cedar Point - 15-May thru 15-Sep

More information including reservations,

site prices, and park maps can be found in the

camping section in Outdoor recreation.

Contact Harlan County Lake

Harlan County Project Office
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
70788 Corps Road A
Republican City, NE 68971

Phone: 308-799-2105
Fax: 308-799-5075

Office Hours

Monday through Friday

7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Email: harlan.county@usace.army.mil




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