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Shunganunga Creek Feasibility Study

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Located in the southeast part of Topeka, Kansas, the 72 square mile Shunganunga Creek watershed is a highly urbanized tributary to the Kansas River. The majority of the watershed lies upstream of the federal Topeka Levees project. Limited existing stormwater detention has been constructed in the watershed in the past by local efforts.

The feasibility study phase is being conducted under a  50/50 cost-shared partnership between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District and the City of Topeka, Kansas. If a project is recommended and approved for future implementation, the total project cost will be shared 65% federal and 35% non-federal.

The participation of the public within the Shunganunga watershed is critical for study success. As the study progresses and flood risk management measures are identifies for evaluation, opportunities will be provided for public review and input to the study process. The project report and Environmental assessment will be provided for public review and comment prior to the completion of the study, anticipated in late 2019.