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The Mead Library have changed their hours to the following days and times:

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What's New

The photo shows the solar panel installed at Main Treatment Plant. Another solar panel was also installed at focused extraction well FEW-14 and the AOP and Load Line 4 treatment plants.

Former Nebraska Ordnance Plant Project

The former Nebraska Ordnance Plant occupies approximately 17,250 acres and is located approximately ½ mile south of Mead, Nebraska and 30 miles west of Omaha, Nebraska in Saunders County. The site is nearly flat, but has a few gentle slopes. Surface water drainage in the eastern portion of the site is generally to the south-southeast, toward Johnson Creek, Clear Creek, and the Lower Plate North Natural Resource District Reservoir. In the western portion of the site, surface water drains to the southwest toward Silver Creek.

The groundwater is located in the naturally occurring sand and gravel deposits below the ground surface, as well as in a sandstone formation located 30 feet or more below the ground surface at the site. The general trend of groundwater flow in the area is south-southeast, toward the Platte River Valley. Groundwater at the site is used for agricultural and domestic uses.

Currently a little over half of that acreage (8,650 acres) is owned by the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, which operates an Agricultural Research and Development Center at the site. Other portions of the site are owned by Department of Defense for use by the Nebraska National Guard and Army Reserves. Private ownership accounts for the remaining portions of the Site.


* This information is published by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as representative of the lead agency, the United States Army, at the former Nebraska Ordnance Plant site in Mead, NE.  Comments or questions about this information should be directed to the Kansas City District Corps of Engineers, Public Affairs Officer, (816)-389-3486.  Information repositories for the site are being maintained at the Mead Public Library, 316 S. Vine Street, P.O. Box 203, Mead, NE 68041-0202.  The phone number is  (402) 624-6605.

Glossary of Terms

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