The Kansas City District was established in 1907. Its missions include Civil Works, Military Construction, Regulatory, and the cleanup of Hazardous, Toxic and Radiation waste.

Its Civil Works boundaries take in parts of Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska and Colorado.  We manage 500 miles of the Missouri River, 18 lakes, and 2 hydropower facilities.

Its Military Construction boundaries encompass the states of Missouri and Kansas.  We serve 7 military installations with construction services.  We also are responsible for the U.S. Army Reserve Design Program in 10 states stretching northward from Missouri.

Its the primary design district in 7 states and the secondary design district in 8 states for the Hazardous, Toxic, and Radiological Waste cleanup program, and it is responsible for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials Disposal (non-fissionable materials) for the entire United States.

In the event of natural or manmade catastrophe, the Kansas City District provides emergency response and recovery to Kansas and Missouri under Public Law and the Nation under the National Response Framework.