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Harlan County Lake Hunting Overview


Hunters can find a wide variety of game animals at Harlan County Lake. White-tailed deer, wild turkey, ring-necked pheasants, ducks, and geese are found around the lake with other species including bobwhite quail, rabbit, squirrel, bobcat, and coyote rounding out the list of game species. Public access is available, but vehicles are restricted to authorized roadways only.  Hunting pressure can be high at times and the Corps encourages everyone to hunt safely and follow all regulations.   


Nebraska Game and Parks Commission rules and regulations apply to Corps of Engineers managed property at Harlan County Lake. Hunting is permitted on government land surrounding the lake, with the exception of parks and administrative areas.  Complete NG&PC regulations may be found by clicking on the links to the left. 


Waterfowl hunting information, waterfowl blind locations, and lake regulations, may also be found on the links to your left.