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Shelter House Overview

The Corps of Engineers operates three picnic shelters.  These shelters can be reserved 360 days in advance by calling the Corps office at 308-799-2105.  Each shelter can be occupied from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.  Those planning special events need to coordinate with the Harlan County Project Office and must reserve those days they plan to set up prior to the event day.

The following is a brief overview of each shelter house-

Gremlin Cove Shelter House – This shelter house is located in Gremlin Cove Park near the north end of Harlan County Dam.  This shelter house is enclosed and includes an open fireplace, picnic tables, restrooms, and grills.  A playground is also located near the shelter. 


Methodist Cove Shelter – This shelter is centrally located in Methodist Cove Park and is located closed to restrooms, playgrounds, and parking lots.  This open walled pavilion has picnic tables, pedestal grills, and is handicap accessible.  Many churches, reunions, and tournament events have been held at this location.


High Point Shelter House – With panoramic views of Harlan County Dam and Lake this shelter has been the location of many weddings, family reunions, and large gatherings.  This enclosed shelter includes a large open fireplace, picnic tables, pedestal grills, and restrooms.  Located on the south side of the lake.