Agricultural Leasing on Harlan County Lake

Agricultural leasing is an important land management tool at for the Harlan County Lake Project.  The program involves about 11,824 acres of land divided into 75 leasing units.  The number of acres leased and the number of lease units may change from year to year in response to resource conditions.  The program enables the Corps to accomplish many land management goals and objectives (soil conservation, noxious weed control, conservation and protection of Project grassland resources and wildlife habitat protection), at a minimal cost to the government.  Special land use regulations have been developed to aid in the program's implementation. The program does provide benefits to the local Harlan County governments in the form of returned lease revenues, although it is not the purpose of the leasing program. 


Agricultural Lease Units are typically bid for a period of five years.  A predetermined crop rotation and haying cycle must be followed by the lessee.  Those wishing to bid may contact the project office and ask to be placed on the potential bidders list or by checking the Kansas City District Real Estate website for more information.

Expired lease Units will be advertised yearly.  Please check back for updates or call the project office at 308-799-2105.

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