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Archive: 2018

2018-1572 - 12/11/2018: APPLICANTS: Clay County Parks Department and USACE- Smithville Project Office PROJECT LOCATIONS: Smithville Lake within Sections 8, 17, 18 and 19, Township 53 north, Range 32 west, Clay County, Missouri and within Sections 13 and 24, Township 53 north, Range 33 west, Clay County, Missouri. ACTIVITY: The Clay County Parks Department has proposed the placement of rock riprap at 10 sites around the lake perimeter of the Camp Branch Campground area and at 14 sites around the perimeter of the Crows Creek picnic shelter area. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Smithville Project Office has proposed to place rock riprap at 7 additional sites on the lake near the Visitor Center, Little Platte Swim Beach and the Day-use area north of Camp Branch Campground.
Expiration date: 1/1/2019

2017-1646 - 12/11/2018: BANK SPONSOR: Swallow Tail, LLC PROJECT LOCATION: The proposed mitigation bank property is located along the west side of the Little Blue River near the southeast corner of the intersection of East R.D. Mize Road and South Little Blue Parkway. The property is in Section 16, Township 49 North, Range 31 West, in the City of Independence, Jackson County, Missouri. ACTIVITY: The proposed establishment of the second mitigation bank site under the approved Central Plains/Blackwater/Lamine EDU Umbrella Mitigation Banking Instrument that was approved on September 7, 2017.
Expiration date: 1/9/2019

2018-795 - 12/4/2018: SPONSOR: Watershed Land Trust PROJECT LOCATION: The Project is located 4.2 miles west of the City of Oskaloosa, in Section 27, Township 9 South, Range 18 East, Jefferson County, Kansas. ACTIVITY: This notice is to announce the proposed amendment of the Watershed Land Trust In-Lieu Fee Program Instrument. The Watershed Land Trust requests the approval of the Little Slough Creek Crossing Stream Mitigation Plan (Project).The Project would provide mitigation credits within the Kansas Service Area, as defined in the in-lieu fee instrument.
Expiration date: 1/3/2019

2018-1476 - 11/28/2018: APPLICANT: Atchison County PROJECT LOCATION: The project is located 2.4 miles north of the City of Atchison, on Rawlins Road, in Section 23, Township 5 South, Range 20 East, Atchison County, Kansas. ACTIVITY: Proposed removal and replacement of a 70-foot Steel Pony Truss Bridge, eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, with a new (4) 72-inch by 50-foot reinforced concrete pipe culvert crossing in and across Deer Creek.
Expiration date: 12/28/2018


2017-1663 - 11/26/2018: APPLICANT: Platform Ventures PROJECT LOCATION: Old Longview Lake in Section 10, Township 47 North, Range 32 West, city of Lee’s Summit, Jackson County, Missouri. PREVIOUSLY PROPOSED WORK: A public notice for work similar to the current permit application being reviewed was published on August 23, 2018. The applicant has since revised plans for restoration of the lake and the proposal now includes the incorporation of a sediment control catchment basin. The purpose of this basin is to reduce sediment inflow to the lake and reduce the need for future lake dredging. PROPOSED REVISED ACTIVITY: The applicant has proposed to repair and/or replace the existing failed spillway of the lake, construct an energy dissipation basin at the outlet of the spillway channel below the dam, replace rock erosion control protection along the upstream face of the dam, dredge accumulated sediments from the lake and construct a sediment catchment basin on a tributary upstream of the lake.
Expiration date: 12/17/2018


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