Civil Works/Planning Public Notices

Archive: August, 2019
  • Public Notice - Missouri River Levee System Unit R471-460 Flood Damage Reduction Project St. Joseph, Missouri / Elwood, Kansas

    Expiration date: 9/29/2019

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District, has prepared a Draft Supplemental Environmental Assessment (EA) and associated Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1968, as amended, for the proposed Missouri River Levee System Unit R471-460 Flood Risk Management Project, Kansas and Missouri. The project is located along the Missouri River between Elwood, Kansas and St. Joseph, Missouri. The purpose of the project is to reduce flooding risk and damage to structures, flood fighting, flood related injuries, or loss of life. USACE has made a preliminary determination that the proposed project would not result in significant degradation to the environment and therefore supports preparation of a Draft FONSI. The project has been designed to meet the 1% annual chance exceedance (ACE) or the height corresponding to the 0.2% ACE, which meets requirements for FEMA certification. The Draft EA, FONSI, and supporting information are provided with issuance of this Public Notice on August 29, 2019 to initiate the 30-day public review and comment period.

  • Public Notice - Tuttle Creek Lake Master Plan

    Expiration date: 10/21/2019

    Due to increased public interest regarding the Tuttle Creek Master Plan revision, the public comment period has been extended 30 days and will close October 21, 2019. The public is reminded the Master Plan does not plan or approve changes or improvements to the flood risk management functions or water control decisions at Tuttle Creek. The Master Plan is a document that dictates where certain recreation and natural resource management activities, improvements and changes can occur according to environmental studies, operational requirements, and public opinion. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District, has prepared a draft Master Plan for Tuttle Creek Lake with an Environmental Assessment and a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) that are available for public review. Tuttle Creek Lake is a multi-purpose project located in Riley, Pottawatomie and Marshall Counties, Kansas. The prior Master Plan for the project was prepared in 1984. Since that time, recreational use patterns and populations of surrounding towns have changed. In addition, the regulations guiding master plans have also changed.