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Area Information

Heckman Island Wildlife Management Area is located 3 miles southwest of Rhineland, MO in Montgomery County along the left descending bank of the Missouri River between river miles 103 and 108. The site contains 543 acres with a variety of features such as riparian forest, wetlands and croplands.

Access: Currently, public access to Heckman Island WMA is only by boat from the Missouri River or with trespass permission from adjacent landowners. There is no public road access to the WMA.

There is a private levee system adjacent to the WMA. Do not block farm roads, drive on or across the agricultural levee or illegally cross private property to access this WMA.

Visitor Activities

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Fishing is allowed year round and is subject to all Missouri state fishing seasons and regulations. Shoreline access is by pedestrian or boat only, no vehicle access.

Trails in the area offer prime locations to easily access remote areas where wildlife are abundant. 

Heckman Island WMA includes a diverse array of habitats, from floodplain and upland forests, occasional flooded wetlands, to agricultural and early succession fields, which support an abundance of deer, turkey, squirrels, rabbits and other game species. Hunters must follow Corps' Blind and Tree Stand Policy as well as Missouri state hunting seasons and regulations.

The area has a plethora of photography opportunities with plenty of wildlife year round. During spring and summer photographers are greeted with numerous colorful butterflies, while spring and fall bring migratory birds and photogenic mammals. To capture some of the more elusive wildlife, take the wait and see approach. Dusk and dawn are the best times for viewing wildlife on the refuge - you may be surprised at what you see.

Trapping with dog-proof style and other traps is allowed.  The trapping of furbearers on public lands and waters shall be in accordance with Corps' Trapping Policy as well as applicable Federal and Missouri State Trapping Regulations governing such activities. 

Heckman Island WMA offers a conveyor belt of wildlife viewing, with wonderful opportunities year-round. The area provides habitat for numerous migratory birds, beavers, bobcats, and other secretive wildlife; especially during dusk and dawn.

Heckman Island Wildlife Management Area

Rules & Regulations

Vehicle use on project lands is restricted to authorized roadways.  No deviation from this regulation is permitted to engage in hunting or any other activities on project lands.

A levee system is present on the site. The levee is not an established roadway for public access. Do not drive on or across the levee.

Target shooting is prohibited.  

Overnight camping is prohibited.  

Dumping and Littering is prohibited.  This includes spent ammunition. 

Cutting firewood is prohibited.

Failure to abide by the conditions of the policy below could result in the violator being issued a violation notice requiring the payment of a fine, an appearance before a Federal Magistrate Judge or both.

A list of all Rules & Regulations governing Corps of Engineers public land can be found at: Title 36 Code of Federal Regulations.

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