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Public Notices

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Nationwide Permit Reauthorization Request for Comments - 6/7/2016: On June 1, 2016, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers published in the Federal Register its proposal to reissue the 50 existing nationwide permits (NWPs) and issue two new NWPs. Comments on the proposed NWPs are due by August 1, 2016. Separate public notices for the State of Missouri and the State of Kansas announcing the proposed reissuance and request for comments are posted below. Comments relating to the Missouri and Kansas regional conditions are due by July 22, 2016.
Expiration date: 8/1/2016

Missouri Wetland Assessment Method - 5/6/2016: Request for Comments on Use of the Proposed Missouri Wetland Assessment Method (MWAM) for Wetland Mitigation. The five U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Districts in the State of Missouri (Kansas City, Little Rock, Memphis, Rock Island and St. Louis Districts) are proposing to adopt the Missouri Wetland Assessment Method for determining mitigation requirements for impacts to jurisdictional wetlands in the State of Missouri.
Expiration date: 7/5/2016

2015-2320 - 4/13/2016: APPLICANT: Swallow Tail, LLC PROJECT LOCATION: The first mitigation project site,Blue Branch Mitigation Site #1, is located primarily within the floodplain of Blue Branch, in Sections 33, 34 and 35, Township 49 North, Range 30 West and in Sections 2 and 3, Township 48 North, Range 30 West, in Jackson County, Missouri. ACTIVITY: This notice is to announce the proposed establishment of the Central Plains/Blackwater/Lamine Wetland and Stream Umbrella Mitigation Bank Instrument. Swallow Tail, LLC proposes to establish the first compensatory mitigation project site, under this proposed Umbrella Bank Instrument, by establishing (creating), restoring, enhancing and preserving aquatic resources and upland resources on approximately 172 acres of land adjacent to Blue Branch.
Expiration date: 5/13/2016


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