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Request a Jurisdictional Determination


Anyone wishing to request a jurisdictional determination must fill out the Jurisdictional Request form below:


Request for Corps Jurisdictional Determination


Mail completed, signed and dated form to the appropriate office identified below:

Kansas City Regulatory Office

601 East 12th Street, Room 402

Kansas City, MO  64106

Telephone:  816-389-3990


Missouri State Regulatory Office

515 East High Street, #202

Jefferson City, MO 65101

Telephone:  573-634-2248


Truman Regulatory Satellite Office

15837 Truman Road

Warsaw, MO  65355

Telephone:  660-438-6697


Kansas State Regulatory Office

2710 NE Shady Creek Access Road

El Dorado, KS  67042

Telephone:  316-322-8247


Kanopolis Regulatory Satellite Office

107 Riverside Drive

Marquette, KS  67464

Telephone:  785-546-2130


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