Latest Kansas City District Info

Kansas City Regulatory Enforcement Program

Report a Violation: If you believe that Section 404 or Section 10  violation has occurred within the Kansas City District


either notify the field office indicated on our Map; fill out and email the Violation Complaint Form;  or contact our Enforcement Program Coordinator,


Justin Hughes at 816-389-3211 (email:




Violation Complaint Form


Submit completed form to the appropriate Kansas City Regulatory Area Office:


Kansas City Regulatory Office (Kansas City, MO) -


Missouri State Regulatory Office (Jefferson City, MO) -


Kansas State Regulatory Office (El Dorado, KS) -


Kanopolis Regulatory Satellite Office (Marquette, KS) -





Enforcement Federal Regulation 33 CFR Part 326



For a list of  Corps of Engineers  Memorandum of Agreements: Headquarters MOA