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One of the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) primary missions is to provide safe, reliable, efficient and environmentally sustainable waterborne transportation systems for movement of commerce, national security needs and recreation. The Rivers and Harbors Act of 1945 authorized a 9-foot-deep by 300-foot-wide navigation channel. To maintain the channel, the Corps constructed the Bank Stabilization and Navigation Project (BSNP) generally from Sioux City to the mouth at St. Louis, a distance of 735 miles. A sinuous course of reverse bends and river width and depth was managed by constructing rock or piling structures called dikes and revetments. Dikes were constructed perpendicular to the flow and revetments were constructed parallel to the flow. The system of structures manages the movement of sediment to minimize channel shoaling providing a consistent and reliable navigation channel without the need for maintenance dredging.

The BSNP was declared complete in 1980 and transferred over to operations and maintenance. The Kansas City District is responsible for maintenance on approximately 5000 river training structures from mouth of the Missouri River, river mile 0, to Rulo, Nebraska, river mile 498. The Missouri River Area Office provides surveys, channel reconnaissance and structure maintenance with hired labor. This work is accomplished by utilizing specialized floating plant, towboats, survey boats, and various other river-related equipment. Structure maintenance activities are worked in partnership with the United States Coast Guard and the shipping industry.

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Daily Gage Report (Radio Room Report) (Raw Data) 

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Forecast Information:

Missouri River Forecast and Forecast Key

National Weather Service Missouri Basin River Forecast Center

The Missouri River Basin Water Management (MRBWM) website includes current conditions, forecast information, reports, and copies of Annual Operating Plan information.

Click HERE for Corps weekly reservoir forecast (updated every Wednesday afternoon). 

Missouri River Navigation Charts

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 Electronic Navigation Charts
Missouri River Paper Navigation Charts have been updated and are available in digital format at the link(s) below. The full book is available as a single download or single sheets are available. Electronic navigation charts for the Missouri are available at http://ienccloud.us in the S-57 format.

Missouri River Navigation Charts


Individual Pages

Lower Mo River Nav Photos

A construction boat places rock on the river in the bottom left with the river and trees in the background.
A construction boat places rock on the river in the bottom left with the river and trees in the background.
Two men are on a stage shaking hands as an award is presented.
Approximately 32 people pose for a photo in a convention hall with exhibit displays in the background.
Two men and two women pose in front of a display.
A man in a white shirt presents off of a tv screen in front of a large conference table, where three individuals can be seen sitting and listening to the presentation.

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