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Missouri River Bed Degradation Feasibility Study

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Reconnaissance Phase

The Kansas City District Corps of Engineers is conducting a reconnaissance study of the Missouri River Bed Degradation. The study encompasses the geographic reach of the River from Rulo, NE to the mouth of the river in St. Louis, MO. The Corps of Engineers has determined through stream gage data and other physical data that there has been a lowering of the riverbed. The bed degradation has affected public infrastructure, such as water intakes and pipeline crossings; has affected bank stability in certain areas; and potentially could undermine dikes, revetments and levees designed to support navigation and to provide flood protection.

The objectives of the study are to examine existing data to determine the current condition and potential future condition of the riverbed and to look for opportunities to reduce the bed degradation and eliminate impacts. This may result in identification of potential alternatives for implementation by Federal and private entities. The study will make a determination of a Federal Interest in moving forward with a feasibility study by establishing whether there is a technically and economically feasible alternative for implementation.

Stakeholder input is needed to help further document the affected infrastructure, tributary headcuts and to provide ideas regarding potential alternatives. The Corps of Engineers is interested in hearing from stakeholder community members who are affected and/or are interested in participating in feasibility scoping for the study.


Missouri River Bed Degradation Feasibility Study Presentation (4mb pdf)
Presented at
Greater Kansas City Post Industry Day Education & Training Workshop
28 January 2009

Missouri River Degradation (Lower 498 River Miles) Presentation (2mb pdf)
Presented at
Mid-America Regional Council and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Stakeholder Meeting
5 March 2009


Reconnaissance Study 905 (b) Analysis

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