Lower Missouri Basin Flood Risk & Resiliency Study

The Lower Missouri River sustained three devastating floods within 30 years: 1993, 2011, & 2019. The 2019 Flood caused billions of dollars in damages to agriculture, infrastructure, and in communities in the states of Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri. Repair costs to levee infrastructure in the lower river in 2019 is approximately $1.2 billion.

This study will recommend long-term, large-scale measures to reduce flood risk exposure, recurring damages, and to improving resiliency/robustness of infrastructure and investments. The Corps of Engineers is partnering with Missouri, Kansas, Iowa and Nebraska.

Congress directed additional resources for planning at site specific areas with recurring flood problems. This concurrent effort allows for seamless progression into design for project areas with approved feasibility reports. Initial sites selected for further evaluation include Holt County, Brunswick, and Jefferson City in Missouri. More sites may be determined as the system plan progresses.

Anticipated Completion Date: Interim System Plan Report to Congress completed December 2023.