Kansas City District Corps urges all to monitor Missouri River conditions

Kansas City District, Northwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Published June 25, 2021

The Kansas City District wants all stakeholders - public, levee districts, local and state authorities - to pay close attention to conditions on the Missouri River. Water levels are high now in many locations and are forecasted to get higher.

The safety of the public is the Army Corps of Engineers top priority.

Heavy rainfall in the 6 to 10-inch range fell over a large portion of northern Missouri last night. As a result, we are seeing heavy flash flooding along tributaries in the lower Missouri River basin. Multiple roads and highways have been closed.

USACE has had reports of tie-back levees being overtopped and breached. Additional rainfall is forecasted for this afternoon and into this evening. Missouri River stages are forecast to rise to moderate flood levels at various gauging stations from Rulo, Neb. downstream.

Under Public Law 84-99 the U.S. Corps of Engineers can provide supplemental support to state and local entities in the form of technical and direct assistance in response to flood emergencies.

The Kansas City District will maintain close communication and coordination with its federal, state and local emergency response partners, and keep the public informed.

The Kansas City District is a team of dedicated professionals with a strong heritage and proven results who, in collaboration with our partners, proudly serve in the Heartland providing leadership, technical excellence, and innovative solutions to the nation's most complex problems.

Kansas City District Public Affairs
Kansas City, Mo.

Release no. 21-043