Hunting tips at Tuttle Creek Lake

Kansas City District, Northwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Published Nov. 30, 2020
This photo from Hunting Safety Day at Perry Lake helps illustrate safe hunting practices that should also be used when hunting on Corps lands near the Missouri River.

This photo from Hunting Safety Day at Perry Lake helps illustrate safe hunting practices that should also be used when hunting on all Corps lands.

The peak of hunting season is upon us and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District wish to help visitors prepare for their trips to Tuttle Creek Lake which offers nearly 20,000 huntable acres.  Visitors are encouraged to prepare in advance and observe all regulations for our shared safety and protection of natural resources.

Hunting is permitted in accordance with state hunting regulations at most areas except parks, the dam, spillway, and other restricted areas.  These boundaries are identified on the Corps of Engineers issued lake map or otherwise posted in the field.  The map is available online at .  Paper copies are also available from the project office and posted in park bulletin boards.

Visitors are reminded public lands extend in a narrow corridor surrounding the lake with many residences located on adjacent private lands.  Respect the rights of landowners: ask permission before crossing private land, know your target and what lies beyond and dispose of shells, field dressing, and other wastes appropriately.

The seasonal use of hunting blinds, stands, decoys, and cameras are permitted in accordance with Corps of Engineers – Tuttle Creek policy, pursuant with Kansas Regulation 115-8-2: Blinds, Stands and Decoys.  These items are not permitted in areas where hunting is prohibited.  Remember: failure to properly label items may result in immediate removal and impoundment.

The placement of foods, feed, or minerals capable of attracting wildlife – or baiting - has been prohibited by district policy on all Corps of Engineers lands in the State of Kansas since 2016, pursuant to Kansas Regulation 115-8-23: Bait; hunting.

As always, target shooting remains prohibited on all public lands except at the Fancy Creek Shooting Range.  Visitors are also reminded trucks, UTVs/ATVs, and all other motorized vehicles must stay on roadways and cannot be taken beyond a recognizable barrier or restrictive sign.

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