Kansas City District response to Missouri River flooding

Kansas City District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Published March 19, 2019

The Kansas City District declared a flood emergency mid-day on March 13, 2019 due to concerns resulting from heavy rainfall, saturated and snow-covered soils across the basin. We have been responding in support of state and local authorities to resulting effects that have pushed river stages into minor, moderate, and major flood stage at various locations along the Missouri River from Rulo, Nebraska to St. Louis, Missouri. 

Five non-federal levees have breached in the Kansas City District’s area of responsibility. Additional non-federal levee systems may overtop today. The water levels are dangerously high and present great risk to people, property and levee systems.

We remind the public to remain vigilant and know that public safety is this district’s #1 priority.

Our Emergency Operations Center remains activated at level II Partial Activation. The flood crest will move downstream, impacting the non-federal levees systems more than the federal levees along the Missouri River.

A summary of forecasts from the National Weather Service call for the crest of flood waters to reach cities in our area – for the latest information visit https://go.usa.gov/xEH6R Forecasts can change if additional rain or snowmelt enter the system.            

City, State

Latest level today / flood stage

Forecasted crest in feet / Highest flood stage forecasted

Day of crest

St. Joseph, Mo.

26.55’ / Moderate

28.9’ / Major

Thursday, March 21

Atchison, Kan.

28.83’ / Moderate

31.2’ / Major

Thursday, March 21

Leavenworth, Kan.

25.46’ / Moderate

29.2’ / Moderate

Thursday, March 21

Parkville, Mo.

29.99’ / Moderate

33.4’ / Moderate

Friday, March 22

Kansas City, Mo.

29.57’ / Near Flood

31.9’ / Near Flood

Friday, March 22

Sibley, Mo.

27.7’ / Minor

29.6’ / Moderate

Friday, March 22

Napoleon, Mo.

24.59’ / Minor

26.3’ / Moderate

Friday, March 22

Waverly, Mo.

27.52’ / Minor

28.7 / Minor

Friday, March 22

As of 3 p.m., March 19, 2019                     

We have four Mobile Liaison Teams in the field providing technical assistance to 12 levee owners and operator in Missouri and Kansas. We have distributed over 400,000 sandbags, have more than 4 million on- hand, and have provided a sandbagging machine to one location with a 2-person crew.

Releases from our Kansas reservoirs that feed the Kansas River have been minimized with water being held in the lakes until conditions on the Missouri River improve. Releases from our Missouri reservoirs that feed the Osage River have been minimized to not add to the high flows on the Missouri.

The Kansas City District is closely monitoring conditions in the basin and providing information and assistance to state and local partners. The district is in this for the long haul and continues to work with state and local officials both during and in the recovery phase of the event.

The Kansas City District is a team of dedicated professionals with a strong heritage and proven results who, in collaboration with our partners, proudly serve in the Heartland providing leadership, technical excellence, and innovative solutions to the nation's most complex problems.

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