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Prescribed Burning Photos

Grassland Management

Prescribe burning is a calculated science and method we use to promote wildlife and the quality of our prairie.  The prairie is constantly evolving before our very eyes.  The introduction of certain exotic grasses and trees have invaded the prairie and changes the dynamic of habitat for certain species.  For example, brome and fescue grass out complete native grasses and wildflowers.  Bugs love wildflowers and the more bugs the better as far as a bird is concerned.  There is a science to burning during a certain time of year that discourages brome grass and encourages wildflowers.  A small percentage of trees and brush is great wildlife habitat during the cold winter months.   But it only takes a few years for cedar trees to engulf the prairie and then reduce wildlife by disrupting the availability of food, water, and shelter.  We time some of our prairie burns to target cedars and invading brush.  Safe burns require advanced preparation, good equipment, weather forecasting, and communication and teamwork from our staff.