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Welcome to 9,000 acre Wilson Lake, the clearest lake in Kansas.  Populations of many game fish species have been enhanced by a stocking program conducted by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. Anglers from all over the county have traveled here to cast their line in one of Kansas' best fisheries.  Wilson currently holds two state record fish, a 13.16 pound walleye and a 44 pound striped bass.  It has held the smallmouth bass record several times.

Fisheries management activities include fish sampling, creel surveys, habitat work, aquatic vegetation enhancement, fish stocking, and special studies to monitor fish populations and improve fishing opportunities.

Wilson Lake currently has two aquatic invasive species in its waters, the White Perch and the Zebra Mussel.  The White Perch is a fish that aggressively competes with native fish for food while the Zebra Mussel is a small clam-like mussel that reproduces at an aggressive rate and out-competes native mussels.  Both are detrimental to the aquatic ecosystem and can hurt or destroy fish populations.


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