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Off-Road Vehicle Area

The Tuttle Creek ORV Area is located 2 miles southeast of Randolph, Kansas with access from Gardiner Road, then 1 1/2 miles east on Secrest Road. This 310-acre park is open to all motorized and non-motorized vehicles. Miles of trails with steep climbs, sharp turns, and rugged terrain await the off-road enthusiast.

Picnic tables, a vault toilet, and a loading ramp adjoin the entrance parking lot and staging area.

The Corps has established a few basic rules to help ensure that all users will enjoy a safe visit.

  • Use only existing trails. Do not break new trails or expand existing trails.
  • The entire shoreline is closed to vehicles.
  • Respect private property by keeping out of it. The area map (link below) identifies the boundaries where vehicles may be operated. The boundary line is delineated with yellow posts and identification signs. If you encounter these signs, or a barbed wire fence or rock wall, you are approaching private property. Do not proceed any further.
  • This is a day-use only recreation area. The park is open from sunrise to sunset. No camping or overnight parking is permitted. The nearest campground is Fancy Creek State Park, four road miles north.
  • Open fires are not allowed. An illegal campfire escaped in 1994, scorching hundreds of acres of public and private property.
  • All off-road vehicles must have effective mufflers.
  • To prevent conflicts, hunting and firearms are prohibited in all of the Corps recreation areas, including the ORV Area. However, the public lands outside of the parks are open to hunting.
  • We urge you to tread lightly; please refrain from using the area when the ground is soft and muddy. Riding on wet trails greatly hastens their erosion and eventual demise. Also, do not ride up and down the creek beds. They are not trails.
  • DoT-approved helmets are required for operators and riders of all bikes, ATVs, and open vehicles without roll bars. Since alcohol and off-roading are a dangerous mix, alcohol is prohibited in this park. Violations of these safety measures may result in fines or loss of riding privileges.

Tuttle Creek ORV Area Map