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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers planned, designed, constructed, and today manages Tuttle Creek Lake, located in northeast Kansas. The Corps of Engineers operates Tuttle Creek Dam and Lake to benefit the nation by providing flood control, recreation, fish and wildlife conservation, low flow augmentation and supplemental flows for Missouri River navigation.

The Corps of Engineers team at Tuttle Creek Lake includes people with knowledge and skills in many different areas. Professions represented on the staff include:

Building Trades

Facility Maintenance

Heavy Equipment Operation

Mechanical Repair

Natural Resource Management

Park Administration

Wildlife Biology

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers staff at Tuttle Creek Lake manages the lake to provide benefits to the nation in the areas of flood control, recreation, fish and wildlife management, navigation and water quality improvement.

The Corps manages 10,900-acre Tuttle Creek Lake and an additional 20,000 acres of land around the lake.

The staff conducts routine dam safety inspections to maintain the dam and outlet works. Corps employees release water through Tuttle Creek Dam to the Big Blue River in coordination with the Kansas City District’s Water Management Section.

The Corps of Engineers manages and maintains six parks around the lake. Many of these parks include paved roads, campsites, boat ramps and picnic grounds. Two parks are devoted to off-road vehicle enthusiasts.

The Corps of Engineers manages the natural resources on roughly the southern half of the project. The northern half is leased to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism for the enhancement of wildlife.

Other Corps of Engineers activities include public relations, visitor services, real estate management, emergency services, prairie management, planting trees and wildlife food plots, park patrol and park maintenance.