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Rathbun Lake offers many opportunities for a variety of game.  Deer, pheasant, quail, turkey, duck, geese, rabbit and squirrel may be found on public hunting lands.

The north side of Rathbun Lake has more wooded areas and blocks of timber than the south side. The oak-hickory stands of the north side provide excellent habitat for turkey, deer and squirrel. The south shore of the lake has more areas of warm season grass and smaller woodlots. Upland species such as pheasant and quail are hunted here.

Waterfowl hunters can take advantage of the six marshes located on the two forks of the lake. Consult the Rathbun Lake map for hunting and refuge areas.

The Corps of Engineers issues permanent duck blind permits for sites located east of Highway S70.  Permitees may construct a permanent blind and leave decoys in designated areas for hunting during regular seasons.

For information on this years duck blind drawing please contact Scott Frieden at 816-389-3106. 

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