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There are three designated swimming beaches located at Rathbun Lake. One is located in Buck Creek Park, one is located in Island View Park, and one at Honey Creek Resort. Designated beaches are designed and constructed to eliminate hazards and underwater obstructions. These beaches are buoyed each summer to delineate the usable portion and to exclude boats. These beaches also have parking, change houses and vault toilets. The Island View 5 beach has a volleyball net for beach users.

At Rathbun Lake, day use fees are charged at designated swimming beaches maintained by the Corps of Engineers. The fee for swimming is $2 per person for walk-ins for those 13 and older or $5 per vehicle.  There is also a $20 fee for buses.  An annual non-transferable pass may be purchased at the Rathbun Lake Information Center or park attendant booths for $40.00.

Several areas at Rathbun Lake are permanently closed to swimming because of their inherent risks. The area around the control tower, at the boat ramps, courtesy docks, and the marina boat mooring facilities make those areas too hazardous for safe swimming.

You are invited to enjoy a relaxing and refreshing afternoon swim at Rathbun Lake with your friends at a safe swimming area. But, please, think about water safety as you are having fun in the sun.

Being water safe is a high priority for the Corps of Engineers and Iowa Department of Natural Resources.