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Natural Resource Management

The objective of natural resource management at Pomme de Terre Lake is to fully consider the recreation and resource potential that may be afforded on project property and to capitalize on that potential for the benefit of the wildlife and the enjoyment of the public on a sustained basis. The following are the primary goals of our natural resource management program at Pomme de Terre Lake:

  • Develop and maintain wildlife food plots to increase carrying capacity where winter food sources are low or not available.
  • Provide access for fishing, hunting and non-comsumptive recreation activities.
  • Maintain the areas carry capacity at optimum levels to insure successful natural propagation of white-tailed deer, wild turkey, bobwhite quail and other game and non-game species of mammals and birds.
  • Sustain mast producing woody species to provide habitat and food for wildlife.
  • Develop and maintain native warm season grass fields in suitable areas.
  • Maintain the projects natural resources and public lands for future generations.
  • Provide nesting, loafing and escape cover for fish species through underwater structure development.
  • Control various invasive species such as; Serecia Lespedeza, Johnson Grass, Musk Thistle, Autumn Olive, Eastern Red Cedar, Honey Locust, Zebra Mussel, and Fescue, through various methods including; Mechanical, Chemical, Prescribed burning and other management practices as may be applicable to the situation.

Natural Resource Management at a Glance

Corps of Engineers and MDC sinking fish habitat.
One of our Ag leases planted in corn. They are required to leave 10% for foodplots.
This foodplot is located in one of our Natural Resource Areas.
We conduct prescribed burns around the lake each year.