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Hunters will find a variety of game, including rabbit, dove, squirrel, turkey, deer, and waterfowl at Pomme de Terre Lake. Most of our hunting areas have small parking lots and behind the gates have access roads leading into the hunting areas. Hunters and Outdoor Enthusiasts should always be respectful of crops planted and others who might be using the area. Motorized vehicles are prohibited from operating on any government land surrounding Pomme de Terre Lake. Hunting is permitted in most of the areas around the lake with the exception of the park areas and administration areas. To view hunting areas click on the following link.

Pomme de Terre Lake Map (pdf)

Pomme de Terre Lake Interactive Hunting Map


Hunting on the waters and land of Pomme de Terre Lake is regulated by the Missouri Wildlife Code and enforced by the Missouri Department of Conservation. It is the responsibility of the hunter to ensue that they are in compliance with all federal and state regulations pertaining to hunting methods, limits, and seasons when they are on government land.

Hunting Rules and Regulations

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