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ATV Trail

The Perry Lake ATV and Motorcycle Trail encompasses over 140 acres of easy to difficult terrain. The Perry Lake ATV and Motorcycle Trail was officially recognized as a ride area in 1988 when a cooperative volunteer agreement was reached with the Kansas All Terrain Vehicle Association for maintenance and management of the trail area. Soon after, volunteers built unloading/loading ramps, accomplished tree plantings, and outlined the perimeter with fencing.

In 2002, a partnership agreement was reached between Hamm Companies, the Kansas ATV Association, and the US Army Corps of Engineers to renovate the ride area using a Recreational Trail Grant administered by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. Recent renovation of the area included a parking area, establishment of a Children’s Ride Area, and a new vault toilet. Volunteers contributed nearly $24,000 of labor to improve trails, renovate the perimeter fence, and add benches around the parking area. In 2003, the partners welcomed the addition of a local motorcycle chapter to the partnership agreement. Riders now enjoy the addition of another vault toilet, a picnic shelter, creek crossings, and tree plantings around the parking area. A perimeter road wasalso constructed for emergency and maintenance access. A sediment control structure was constructed to reduce downstream sediment released from the ride area. 

Please see the map below for features of the ATV and Motorcycle Trail.

Trail Map


1.ATV's, Motorcycles & UTV vehicles Only.

2.An ATV is a motorized vehicle having a maximum width of 50 inches, designed for off road use, with handle bars for steering, and a seat that is straddled by the operator. UTV's must be 50 inches or less in width, have bucket seats, seat belts & certified roll-over protection.

3.ATV's, Motorcycles & UTV's must have functioning brakes, muffler, & spark arrester.

4.Loading ramp; unloading of ATV's & motorcycles & UTV's permitted only in the parking area.

5.Speed limit in the parking area is 5 mph.

6.DOT approved helmets required for ALL riders.

7.Passengers are only permitted on vehicles manufactured to carry more than 1 rider.

8.Riding out of bounds, on maintained roadways/right-of-ways, in streams, and in other unauthorized areas is prohibited.

9.No alcoholic beverages or firearms in the riding area.

10.Vehicles cannot be operated in a manner that could impose harm to oneself or others.

11.Operation of any vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.

12.No overnight parking or camping.

13.The riding & parking lot area is closed at dusk.

14.The ride area is subject to closure during wet conditions or special events.


Violations of the above rules or the regulations in CFR Title 36 can result in loss of riding privileges and/or fines.