Latest Kansas City District Info

Low Lake Elevation

Historic drought conditions and water releases to support Missouri River navigation have left Perry Lake water elevation low and decreasing. Currently the lake elevation is approximately 6 feet below conservation multipurpose pool (891.5 feet above sea level). If drought conditions persist expect the lake elevation to continue to decrease.

The low lake elevation exposes features under and above the water that we are not routinely familiar with. Features such as stumps, rocks, sand bars, and old road foundations are closer to the water's surface. These features could be hazardous to boaters and other water recreators. Please take this into consideration before and when you are out on the water.

The old foundation of 92 Highway just south of the current 92 Highway is becoming exposed or is just under the water's surface. The old road is currently marked with danger bouys. Safe passage gaps in the old 92 Highway are marked by a green and red bouys, to where it is safe to pass in between.