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Learn About the Lake

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District welcomes you to Milford Lake.  Milford Lake has 15,700 surface acres of water and 163 miles of shoreline, making it the largest in Kansas.  Further information may be obtained at the project office/information center located at the south end of the dam.

Multipurpose lake projects such as Milford are authorized by Congress only when the anticipated benefits are substantially greater than the costs.  Since the Milford Lake and dam began operating in 1967, it has prevented an estimated $165 million in flood damages, over 3 times the initial cost of the project's construction.  

While most of the lake's tangible benefits are credited to its ability to prevent flood damages in the Kansas and Missouri River basins, the lake also releases water for  municipal and industrial needs, navigation and downstream water quality.  The Kansas Water Office and the Corps work together to regulate water releases through the dam.

The lake provides excellent habitat for many types of wildlife, a fact that contributes to its reputation as one of the prime hunting and fishing areas in Kansas.

Each year the lake attracts thousands of visitors who enjoy and take advantage of the many recreational opportunities available.