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Day Use - Picnic Shelters

The Corps of Engineers manages four day use parks at Milford Lake.  These include: North Overlook, East Rolling Hills, Outlet and South Outlet Parks.  These parks are free to use except if you want to make a shelter reservation or use the swimming beaches.

In these parks there are eleven picnic shelters available for reservations and they are $25 a day, shelter 1 in East Rolling Hills is $50 a day.  If the shelter is not posted RESERVED for the day you are free to use it at no charge.  Shelters are avaiable for reservations April - September, to make a reservation click here or call 1-877-444-6777.  Outlet Park and East Rolling Hills also have swim beaches available, Outlet Park beach is free of charge while the East Rolling Hills beach has a flat fee of $5 per vehicle.  Fees are charged May 15 - September 15.  East Rolling Hills also offers a boat ramp that is free of charge.

To view a map of the day use areas and what is available at the shelters click here.