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Long Branch Information

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers staff at Long Branch Lake manages the lake to provide benefits to the nation in areas of Flood Damage Reduction, Water Supply, Natural Resource Management, and Downstream Water Quality Improvement.

The Corps has direct responsibility at Long Branch for management of the 2,400 acre lake and 1,200 acres of adjacent project land. In addition to those lands under direct Corps management, the Corps outgrants approximately 1,830 acres of Long Branch project lands to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for Long Branch State Park and 2,450 acres to the Missouri Department of Conservation for the Long Branch Conservation Area.

The Corps of Engineers at Long Branch has natural resource management responsibility on approximately 1,190 acres of public land. Resource management efforts focus on habitat improvement of both forest and grassland environments.

Maintenance and operation of the dam is one of the more important duties for Corps personnel at Long Branch. The integrity of the dam is maintained through regular inspections and maintenance activities. The Corps staff also regulates outflow through operation of gates within the dam outlet works.

The Corps operates a visitor center at the east end of the dam that is a source of information to the visiting public about local history, natural features and recreation opportunities. The visitor center is also the base of operation for a variety of interpretive programs conducted by Corps rangers for schools and organizations in surrounding communities.