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Seasonal Volunteer Positions

 Two seasonal volunteer positions are available for the Spring/Summer season. These positions are available from the months of April to October, in exchange for 20 hours of service a week, the volunteer is provided with a full utility campsite.

The Seasonal Volunteer are used as a resource for customers, providing them with a variety of information and brochures about Kanopolis Lake, the Corps of Engineers, and state and local area attractions and amenities, along with answering any questions visitors might have. 

Seasonal Volunteers collect information and report feedback by counting visitors, conducting surveys or questionnaires, distributing customer comment cards, or simply reporting customer likes and dislikes, through informal conversations. Along with these duties seasonal volunteers will help the Ranger staff with minor landscaping duties, minor construction duties, and help with interpretive programs and water safety contacts. Most of the Seasonal Volunteers choose to volunteer their time because they enjoy doing work for the benefit of others.

Anyone may apply to volunteer with the Corps of Engineers.  If you are interested in volunteering at Kanopolis Lake contact Brock DeLong at the Kanopolis Information Center or email at