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Cooper Creek ATV/Dirt Bike Area

Cooper Creek ATV Area is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Harry S. Truman Project and is the only area on Truman Lake that ATV’s and dirt bikes are allowed. Cooper Creek Park covers approximately 400 acres of hills, trails, and open riding. Use of the area is currently free of charge.

Cooper Creek ATV area is located one mile east of the town of Deepwater and is easily accessible by State Highway 13 and Henry County Road SE700. The riding area’s boundaries are either fenced or signed.

Rules and Regulations

  • This area is open to all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and motorcycles only. No UTVs, dune buggies, four-wheel drive vehicles, etc. are allowed.
  • An ATV is a motorized vehicle having a maximum width of 50 inches, designed to be operated off-road, with handle-bars for steering, and a seat that is straddled by the operator.
  • All ATV’s and motorcycles must be equipped with functioning brakes, muffler, and a spark arrester.
  • Loading and unloading of ATV’s and motorcycles is permitted in the parking lot/staging area only.
  • Speed limit in the parking lot/staging area is 5 mph.
  • Exhibition driving is not allowed in the parking lot/staging area.
  • Department of Transportation-approved helmets are required for all operators and passengers.
  • One rider per ATV/motorcycle unless otherwise designed by the manufacturer.
  • Ride in designated areas only! Riding on maintained roadways/right-of-ways, in the lake and/or streams, and in other unauthorized areas is prohibited.
  • No Alcoholic beverages and/or firearms in the ATV area or parking lot/staging area.
  • Operation of ATVs and motorcycles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited.
  • No overnight parking or camping.
  • The ATV area and parking lot/staging area close at dusk.
  • Violation of any of the above rules may result in loss of riding privileges and/or fines.

Your cooperation and consideration of others will ensure this area stays open for future use.

Camping is not permitted in the Cooper Creek Area. The nearest Corps of Engineers Campground is Sparrowfoot just south of Clinton. Campground reservations can be made toll free 1-877-444-6777 or by

Think! Medical help is at least 10 miles from Cooper Creek ATV Area. For emergency assistance dial 911.

For additional information contact

660-438-7317 extension 1

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