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Clinton Lake Boating

Clinton Lake attracts boaters of all shapes and sizes. The main body of the lake is large enough for motor boaters, water skiers, sailboats and personal watercraft.

Fishermen enjoy the submerged timber in the Rock Creek, Deer Creek and the Wakarusa River arms. This makes boating in the arms more difficult, but the fishermen appreciate the fish habitat. Water skiing is not allowed outside of the main lake body, and buoys designate the non-skiing areas.

Sailboat operators have plenty of room to maneuver on the main body of the lake. Several sailing regattas are held each year. Windsurfers also find Clinton Lake to their liking with windy days quite common in Kansas.

Day use fees are required for launching at Corps of Engineers managed boat ramps. A daily fee of $5.00 can be paid on site. There is also an annual pass available for $40.00, which is accepted at any Corps of Engineers facility nationwide.

The Clinton State Park requires a vehicle permit to enter the State Park.  Contact the Clinton State Park for daily and annual vehicle permit prices (785-842-8562).

There are ten boat ramps located on Clinton Lake. Ramps #1 - #3 are located in the Clinton State Park, and require a State Park vehicle permit. Ramp #4, in Bloomington West, is free to the public. Ramps #5 - #7 are in Bloomington East and require a Federal Day Use pass (daily or annual), from April 1-31 October. Boat ramps #8, #9 and #10 are located in the Coon Creek Area, Wakarusa River arm and Rock Creek arms and are free to the public.

The Clinton Marina is located in the Clinton State Park on the north side of the lake. This full service marina offers fuel, bait, supplies, mooring, dry storage, restaurant and boat rentals.

Boaters should be aware of hazardous boating areas on Clinton Lake. For information, look at the Clinton Lake map. Also, be aware that lake conditions, such as elevation level, are constantly changing, and hazards change with those elevation changes.