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 Chief, Technical Services Branch, 816-389-3774


Realty Clerk (Office Automation), 816-389-3620
Realty Clerk (Office Automation), 816-389-3925


Cartographer, 816-389-3672
Legal Instruments Examiner, 816-389-3762


Team Leader, Program Analyst, 816-389-3767
Program Analyst, 816-389-3740
Program Assistant
Realty Assistant/Real Property Accountability Officer, 816-389-3672


Technical Services Branch


The Technical Services Branch is the overall planner of the Real Estate division, and has broad responsibilities that include the following:

Programming and Budgeting: This Branch develops and manages all real estate manpower and funding requirements and the annual operating budget; provides systems administration support for the Real Estate Management Information System (REMIS) and the Rental Facilities Management Information System (RFMIS) and coordinates all Real Estate Division electronic information issues; controls the Real Estate Central Filing System; performs administrative services, as in preparing vouchers, travel and recurring reports to higher authority; and performs real property accountability functions. 

Real Estate Planning: This Branch also prepares Real Estate Design Memorandums for all civil projects and Real Estate Planning Reports for all military installations; produces and updates the Real Estate maps for project/installation coordination, outlining acquisition boundaries and describing the finished project, which becomes part of the historical file; collects tract ownership data and prepares legal descriptions for each tract of land to be acquired. Final historical real estate audits, showing all real estate transactions involved in each project, are made and maintained in this Branch. This Branch prepares the initial and final reports for the "Finding of Fact" of Inventory Project in Support of the Defense Environmental Restoration Program (DERP). The Technical Services Branch develops market data on real estate in the vicinity of each property for use in preparing real estate cost estimates and/or gross appraisals for property feasibility studies, general design memorandums, real estate design memorandums, planning reports and annual project estimates.

Appraisal: This Branch appraises each tract required for project purposes and prepares appraisal reports; appraises property for inleasing for District elements and the military services and reports findings to the Military and Civil Branch; appraiser property owned by the District or military installations made available for outleasing or disposal and submits appraisals to the Civil and Military Branch; appraises property of applicants to the Homeowners Assistance Program and furnishes appraisals; appraises property to be leased, purchased or sold by other Government agencies upon special request of those agencies.