Latest Kansas City District Info

Major Current Activity

The Real Estate division is acquiring land for the Missouri River Mitigation Project. This consists of acquiring land along the Missouri River from landowners who are willing to sell. The Real Estate Division has acquired over 14,525 acres of land in fee and easement for the purpose of mitigating loss of wildlife habitat along the river. In land management, over 3,000 contracts for industrial, commercial and individual use of Government property, at 27 civil and over 100 military projects are administered by the Real Estate Division. Projected workload for disposal actions over the next several years is 7,700 tracts of land and 79 buildings. A substantial number of the disposal actions consist of the Minuteman Missile sites at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri.

Annual revenue of over $2 million is derived from outgrants, timber and hay sales, marina operations, and excess real property disposal.

The Armed Forces Recruiting Program is managed as part of a nationwide effort which the Real Estate Division supports with a current $4.2 million budget for the management and leasing of over 240 facilities with approximately 180,000 square feet of space.

The Real Estate Division will continue to support the Environmental Protection Agency and Kansas City District elements for HTRW, local Cooperation Projects, and our other customers.