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Civil Branch


The Civil Branch provides comprehensive acquisition and management of real estate required for the District's Civil mission. This responsibility includes land acquisition services to the District's Hazardous Toxic Radiological and Waste Program for non-military sites. The Branch also disposes of real property in excess of the Districts needs. Another important mission is the support of the District in emergency or natural disaster recovery and restoration. We also provide support to the District by preparing and processing Permanent Change of station (PCS) for civilian personnel when they conduct personal real estate transactions related to job moves.

The Branch has extensive experience with acquisitions ranging from any type of right-of-way to agricultural, residential, business or industrial tracts. Acquisitions are generally accomplished through direct purchase, lease or condemnation. Procurement of title evidence, generation of curative deeds or documents, implementation of the Uniform Real Property Acquisition Policy for relocation assistance (P.L. 91-646) and final closing of the sale are just a few of the areas of our expertise. A significant responsibility is the support of the Project Cooperation Agreement (PCA) Program. Cost share type programs with non-federal sponsors is a major focus with changes implemented by the Water Resources Development Act of 1986. The Civil Branch plays an important role in the negotiation of the agreement, evaluation of the sponsors financial capability, and guiding the sponsor through the Real Estate planning and acquisition process.


The Real Estate Division is involved in Local Cooperation Projects by providing:

Land value, relocation, and administrative estimates for project studies to be used, in part, to determine cost vs benefit ratios.

Furnishing advice to other district elements and local sponsors on real estate requirements, legal issues, and procedures

Preparing real estate plans for draft feasibility project cooperation agreements and preparing the final Project Cooperation Agreements.

Agreements between the Corps and local sponsors define the sponsor's responsibility for land acquisition and other legal requirements for the projects.

The Civil Branch currently enjoys a considerable amount of work in the administration and issuance of real estate interests to public and private individuals. The Branch provides expert support for the recreational development and management of Civil Works lands. We advertise and issue numerous, commercial concessions, marinas, and Public Park and Recreational leases and interim agricultural leases. We resolve encroachment and trespass issues and coordinate and approve requests by public entities to annex Civil Works lands.

Finally, the Branch is responsible for the ultimate sale or transfer of real estate no longer required for the Districts Civil Works mission. This is accomplished through advertising, negotiated sales, auctions and excessing through the General Administrative Services.

The Civil Branch has unparalleled ability to acquire, manage, and dispose of the Civil Mission real property assets in the District. We pride ourselves on the ability to resolve any unique land acquisition, management or disposal issue.


The Real Estate Division Civil missions are funded by the following types of appropriations:

Construction General (CG): Appropriations are provided for authorized on-going acquisition projects, such as the Missouri River Mitigation Project.

General Investigation (GI): Appropriations received to conduct specific investigations that involve real estate.

Operations and Maintenance (O&M): Annual Appropriations are received to manage operational civil works projects such as, but not limited to the following:

Civil Works Projects

1. Blue Springs Lake, MO

11. Missouri River, MO

2. Clinton Lake, KS

12. Perry Lake, KS

3. Harlan County Lake, NE

13. Pomme de Terre Lake, MO

4. Harry S. Truman Dam & Reservoir, MO

14. Pomona Lake, KS

5. Hillsdale Lake, KS

15. Rathbun Lake, IA

6. Kanopolis Lake, KS

16. Smithville Lake, MO

7. Long Branch Lake, MO

17. Stockton Lake, MO

8. Longview Lake, MO

18. Tuttle Creek Lake, KS

9. Melvern Lake, KS

19. Wilson Lake, KS

10. Milford Lake, KS