Latest Kansas City District Info


Real Estate Division is proud of its heritage and accomplishments for the Kansas City District in support of civil and military programs. This pride has endured from its all time high in acquiring over 281,000 acres of land, for the Harry S. Truman Dam and Reservoir Project (one of the largest lake projects in the Corps), to our continuous management of lands at all Corps civil and military projects. Beginning with the Kanopolis Lake Project in western Kansas over 50 years ago, Real Estate Division has acquired over 858,600 acres of land at 18 lake projects and other smaller civil works projects. Over 305,600 acres of land at 125 installations have been acquired for military projects. This means that the Real Estate Division administers real property roughly the size of the State of Delaware. Real Estate Division now supports recruiting in all of Kansas, Missouri and southern Iowa, by negotiating and administering over 100 leases.

The Real Estate Division administers an annual rental payment of approximately $29 million for the Department of Defense, one of the highest amounts for leased space in the Corps. The majority of this space is in the St. Louis area for use by TRADOC, ARPERCEN, MEPS, Armed Forces Recruiting Command, and Army Audit.