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Description: The Flow Frequency Analysis Data is a critical update and will inform future study, action and planning for flood risk management in the Lower Missouri Basin. USACE and our partners will be able to use this updated data and information. ​​

Status: The team is finalizing the report.​

Way Ahead: The Flow Frequency Report will be uploaded once complete. Webinar on results will occur on July 19, 2023. Stage Frequency analysis can begin, which will help convert flow data measured in cubic feet per second (cfs) to stage data measured as an elevation (ft). Stage frequency analysis and reviews will take approximately two years.​

Local Tribes

  • Iowa Tribe of Kansas & Nebraska

  • Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas

  • Prairie Band potawatomi Nation

  • Sac & Fox Nation of Missouri in Kansas & Nebraska


Tribal Liaison

The US Army Corps of Engineers Tribal Nations Program is implementing DoD and USACE Native American/Alaska Native policies, thereby empowering Tribes so that they are full partners with USACE in resolving water resources issues.

USACE Native-American/Alaska Native Policy Principles are as follows:

  • Tribal sovereignty
  • Trust responsibility
  • Government-to-government relations
  • Pre-decisional consultational
  • Self reliance, capacity building, growth
  • Natural and cultural resource management and protection

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Kansas City District Tribal Liaison