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Michels Corporation recently completed modifications to the Turner Pump Station located behind the Argentine Levee Unit near Turner Avenue and turned the pump station back over to the Kaw Valley Drainage District for routine operations and maintenance. The improvements consisted of new piping and structural modifications to improve overall performance during future flood events. Work continues on the new Argentine Main and Strong Avenue Pump Stations and is anticipated to be complete next year.
Prevent the transport of nuisance species. Clean all recreational equipment.
Join us July 31st at the Jerry Litton Visitor Center at Smithville Lake to learn more about the importance of pollinators.
We are looking for Junior Rangers! No need to apply for this job -- just download the FREE book below to learn about water safety activities, bicycle safety, trees, bald eagles, fish, invasive species & more. Be a Junior Ranger all summer & have fun!
Drowning is the nation’s second leading cause of accidental death. Many people overestimate their swimming ability and swim beyond their limits.

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Corps employee saves life of boater in distress
In the blink of an eye the unexpected can happen, especially on the water. Imagine heading out to go fishing at sunrise to be the first to hit that honey hole in the calm of the morning. Fog gently...
N2W attracts diverse group of professionals for $1.7 billion construction project
The challenges and complexities of any Mega-Project are great, and the Next NGA West – known as N2W – project is no different. From the beginning of this military construction program for the National...

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Tuttle Creek Lake stilling basin construction nears completion
The Corps of Engineers at Tuttle Creek Lake are nearing completion of the stilling basin construction project with the departure of the contractor from the site. The Stilling Basin (locally known as...
2021 Waterfowl blind registration for Truman Lake
The waterfowl blind registration process for the 2021-2022 Missouri Waterfowl Season has been finalized for Harry S. Truman Lake. Hunters wishing to place a waterfowl hunting blind on Truman Lake may...
Safety tips for Independence Day weekend
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As the nation's largest federal provider of water-based recreation, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District stresses water safety and urges extra caution while in or...
Kansas City District Corps urges all to monitor Missouri River conditions
The Kansas City District wants all stakeholders - public, levee districts, local and state authorities - to pay close attention to conditions on the Missouri River. Water levels are high now in many...

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