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Daily Information

The information on this page is updated daily. To see the most current data, you may need to hit ctrl+F5 to refresh your browser.


Date: July 30, 2015

Normal Lake Level: 1075.00 

 Date  --  Lake Level -- Outflow (CFS)

July 30  --  1074.20  --   2,000

July 29 --   1074.10  --   2,000

July 28  --  1074.20  --   6,000 

Temperatures:  High: 83   Low: 62   7:00 AM: 63

Water Surface Temperature: 82

Wind Direction: calm  Speed: 0

Precipitation: 0.06"  Evaporation: 0.15"

All boat ramps are open for use. The courtesy dock is back in place in Tuttle Creek Cove Park.       

The utility camp sites are open in Tuttle Creek Cove Park and in Stockdale Park. The non-utility sites as well as the swim beach in Tuttle Creek Cove remain closed due to drift.

River Pond Road around the stilling basin, or "tubes", is open.