Harlan County Lake boater access

Kansas City District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Published July 24, 2023
A view of Harlan County Lake from above with boat access called out as of July 24, 2023.

A view of Harlan County Lake from above with boat access called out as of July 24, 2023.

Due to lake levels and sedimentation, Harlan County Lake Project’s boat access to Hunter Cove remains closed with the possibility of Methodist and Gremlin Coves closing at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District project.

The project’s dredge is currently inoperable, and repair costs exceed routine operation and maintenance funding. The dredge will be removed from the lake in the coming weeks.

The Corps of Engineers has considered several permanent alternatives, to include replacement and repair options and determined replacement to be the most likely alternative. However, funding to replace the dredge also exceeds the routine operation and maintenance funding.

USACE has also explored several short-term alternatives, both in-house and contract options, and found that none of them are viable.

“Additional funding is needed for us to reestablish and maintain access in these areas. We are currently working on solutions and requesting funds to replace the 45-year-old inoperable dredge,” said Thomas Zikmund, operations project manager, Harlan County Lake.

Methodist and Gremlin Coves remain open for boat access. Safety is our number one concern, so remember to use caution as stumps and areas of low water can cause damage to boats, motors and pose a safety risk for recreators across the lake.

For more information, please call the Harlan County Lake Project Office at 308-799-2105.

Harlan County Lake Project Office
Republican City, Neb.
Kansas City District Public Affairs
Kansas City, Mo.

Release no. 23-019